Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As the Snow Falls...

As I was sitting in my philosophy class this morning, my attention was drawn out the window to the snow falling outside. By this time of year, I am ready to be done with the winter season and all it's cold weather and snow. But while I was watching the countless snowflakes falling this morning, the lyrics to one of my favorite songs came to mind; those of Jeremy Camp's song titled Beautiful One.

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard;
No heart could fully know,
How glorious, how beautiful You are."

"Powerful, so powerful,
Your glory fills the skies;
Your mighty works displayed for all to see.
The beauty of Your majesty,
Awakes my heart to see,
How marvelous, how wonderful You are."

"You opened my eyes to Your wonders anew,
You captured my heart with this love,
Because nothing on Earth is as beautiful as You."

My most favorite time when snow falls, is when you can look at the snowflakes and they are what I like to call 'perfect' (even though, being of this world, I know that they aren't actually perfect). They are so amazing and beautiful to look at, and each one is different from every other snowflake. The number of snowflakes is infinite; you cannot possibly count them all. And the thought that no two are alike leaves me in awe and wonder. God sends down this amazing creation to fall on the Earth for all to see; and yet no eye has ever seen the fully glory and
beauty of God. And to be reminded that nothing on Earth, absolutely nothing, even comes close to the beauty of God and His majesty leaves me in complete awe of who He is, and in so, strengthens my desire to know Him more and follow Him all the days of my life.

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